How to calculate GPA online for high school, college and university?

“What is GPA and how to find out your GPA in high school or college?” This is a common question students often ask. You keep hearing about some numbers, percentage, student formula, conversion and scale, but what do they mean and how to calculate GPA?

What is GPA?

How to calculate college GPA for a semester?

You semester GPA is a sum of credit hours assigned to your course and a number of points (or a value of grade) you have earned during that time.

How to calculate cumulative GPA?

How is cumulative GPA calculated? Cumulative GPA is your overall GPA. This includes dividing the quantity of points you have received in all courses by credit hours in all courses you attended.

How to find your grade point average?

Step 1

Select your current grade (A, B, C, D, etc.) or enter a grade you are expecting to get. If you don’t know your grade, try to tell your tutor, “I need to know what’s my GPA, so please give me my grade before the final report card”. Most of them are happy to do that. Grades range from A+ to F using a 4.0 scale. For every class, you should choose a grade from a drop-down menu.

Step 2

Enter your grade and your credit for every class. If you have a B for a 4-credit class, make sure to enter 4 in a cell next to B. Add every your unweighted and weighted class if needed. Weight classes get additional points on your GPA.

Enter the counts of all grades you have received during a semester. Please remember that your GPA will be calculated regarding all grades and subjects you mention. You are free to include as many extra classes and semester as needed just by pushing “Add class” or “Add semester” button.

Step 3

Push a “Calculate” button and our GPA is going to be calculated automatically and displayed at the bottom of the classes list. Yes, it is that easy! You are free to add more semesters and classes and your overall GPA is going to be updated. Following these simple steps will help you find out, covert, and evaluate your results.

Step 4

Make sure to update and check your GPA at least once a month to be sure that you are on the way to your best academic goals. This is a great habit to figure out your GPA score and know whether you need to pay special attention to specific classes to graduate successfully.

Your average highschool percent CGPA results are very important when you want to send an application letter. Now you know how to find your grade point average and you are welcome to make use of our calculator at any time!